Our Specialty, private flights to Culebra and Vieques.

If you decided to have an amazing day at one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, but making extenuating lines for the ferry is not what you're up to, then give us a call 787-718-8869 and we will be happy to immediately arrange a flight to one of the most beatiful islands in the world, Culebra and Vieques. With a range of 70-90 degrees F all year long, is a great vacation spot.There are villa vacation rentals, vacation homes, apartments and studios for your vacation rental in Vieques and Culebra islands.Theres so much to do, you may want to stay for a few days, or visit both islands the same day with our convenient flights between Vieques and Culebra. Some activities include sailing, snorkling, hiking, diving, sight seeing, bird watching, historical sites, museums, art galleries, biobay, casual food joints, and fine dining. You may also find local grocery and souvenier stores. Here are some of the many things you will find when you arrive:


Some really amazing beaches. They come in all shapes, sizes and sand colors.

Playa Caracas is located in the Vieques National Wildlife Refuge (Camp Garcia area). White sand, blue water, generally calm water, surrounded by rocks on one side and green hill on the other.

Pata Prieta is located in Camp Garcia area. It’s another beautiful beach with white sand and blue water.

Ensenada Honda is a huge bay, with great snorkeling spots. Also good for fishing.

Sun Bay Beach is great for swimming, it has bathroom facilities and a campground. Call (787) 741-8198 for more information. Also close to restaurants.

Media Luna Beach is a beautiful and shallow bay, great for small children.

Esperanza Beach is great for swimming and snorkeling. There are several restaurants along the beach. A hiking trail is connected to the beach.

La Chata Beach is a local surfers favorite spot.

Playa Negra is a nice beach where you can experience the beauty of black sand caused by the variety of minerals in the area.

The west-end side of the island was used as a US Navy base. The lands were returned to the government of Puerto Rico in April 2001. This beautiful beaches are now opened to the public. The old Naval training facilities had already been transferred to Fish and Wildlife. A new national refuge was created and is now the largest national refuge in the Caribbean.

You may enjoy the beach and town areas by car, bycicle, horseback riding and kayak rental services.

A beautiful sight in Vieques are "wild horses". They can be found walking around the island beaches, by themselves or in herds. Some of this horses may be owned but still roam free, around the island, most of the time.

At night, in the Vieques Bioluminiscent Bay you will se how a blue-green light is created by micro-organisms which live in the water. One of the most beautifull sights to watch and experience.


Flamenco Beach is considered the second most beautiful beach in the world by Travel Channel and by far the most popular beach in Culebra. Theres a camping site in Flamenco Beach.

Dakity Bay you can reach by boat, canoe, or kayak,

Malena is a quiet beach part of the Nature Reserve, easy to reach.

Melones is a favorite amongst many snorkeling enthusiasts.

Mosquito is a quiet beach with road access and a little bit of shade, there is a beautiful reef to snorkle in at both ends of Mosquito.

Sardinas Beach is close to town, here you don't have to travel far, the water is calm and there are fish to see and catch.

Punta Soldado is a lovely quiet beach made up of small pebbles.

Playa Carlos Rosario is a great snorkling spot.

Parts of Culebra and most of the offshore islets are part of the Caribbean Islands National Wildlife Refuge. During the breeding season, these protected areas play host to more than 50,000 breeding pairs of seabirds.

Massage and Yoga services can be found around the island.

You can also enjoy water sports, shopping and nature tours.