We try harder to make it easier for you and your pet

All you need is the pet's harness.

  • We have available the Snoozer Lookout Airplane Seat, we can give your pet the perfect place to Fly while on the air. Having your pet safely contained in the Airplane seat is sure to provide a safe trip for all passengers.
    • Comfortable sherpa interior
    • Elevates pets 7" so that they can "look out" the window
    • Keeps pets restrained making for a safe ride for all passengers
    • Helps alleviate Air sickness
    • Containment strap For Pets up to 25 lbs.
    It will be high enough so that when your pet is inside they will be ableto look out the window and see what's happening outside. This keeps them interested in their ride and they won't want to climb on your shoulders or in your lap, making for a safer ride.
  • For bigger dogs we provide the Seat Belt Clip Tether, protect people and pets during Flight. Tether clips in to seat belt buckle. Adjusts easily for dogs of all sizes. Sturdy snap hook attaches easily to dog harness. Secures dog safely and comfortably.
  • We provide a pet ramp ideal for older pets who have difficulty getting into Airplanes.
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